Diving in Malapascua is something absolutely unique, as this beautiful island is the only place in the world where you can see thresher sharks almost every day.

Malapascua has become justly famous for diving Monad, a shoal in the blue depth of 20-30 meters. At Monad you can also see manta rays, devil rays and hammerhead sharks.

Malapascua is also special in that it is in an area of ocean that has the highest concentration of biodiversity in the world.

What this means is that there are many dive sites that offer equally beautiful and unique dives: the mandarin fishes that perform their mating dance every evening at sunset at the Lighthouse; the island of Gato, marine reserve and sanctuary for the sea snakes, famous for pygmy seahorses, whitetip sharks, nudibranchs and big cuttlefish; Lapus Lapus, where you see the frog fish, hiding among the colorful corals; Ka Osting, a muck dive that’s easy and fun, where we go in search of the blue-ringed octopus; and the island of Calanggaman, which is an uninhabited tropical paradise on the surface but hides underwater walls rich in marine life. These are just a few examples; every day in Malapascua we are discovering new dive sites with interesting and new species. Malapascua is a true paradise for scuba divers!

Tepanee has always collaborated with a 5 Star PADI IDC Diving Center, extremely professional and well organized. The program includes: day and night dives, a full range of diving courses (i.e.: Open Water, Advanced, Nitrox, Rescue, Dive Master and IDC courses), technical diving and trimix, boat trips, snorkeling introductions for beginners, day and night excursions of snorkeling, discovery scuba diving and the rental of equipment.

During your stay you can have a direct assistance from us for everything related to diving and possible courses and easily book everything with us.

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