We do not have a in-house diveshop: one of the main reasons is to guarantee peace of mind for non-diving customers. Another reason is to offer diving customers more choice. In fact we collaborate with the best diveshops in Malapascua and our customers do not have to walk to go to the diveshop because they are picked up by boat at the resort.

The equipment is brought to the diveshop by our staff at the beginning of the holiday or when decided by the customer and returned to the resort on the last day of the stay or at the end of the dives.

All the diveshops have various boats and organize many different dives every day. All the dives are boat dives and many points are just a few minutes of navigation from the beach, so each dive trip lasts an average of a couple of hours.

For the more distant dive sites, full-day trips are organized starting around 9:00 and returning between 15:00 and 16:00, giving divers the opportunity to make two more dives on the same day.

Every day around 5:00 we leave for Kimud Shoal and Monad Shoal to meet the thresher shark. Malapascua is the only place in the world that guarantees 99% meeting with these elegant lords of the sea intent on being pampered by cleaning fish. At sunset, however, dives are usually organized at the Lighthouse to witness the mating rites of mandarin fish. The dive then continues in search of the fantastic sea creatures that populate the island’s sea only after sunset.

Usually there are five dives a day: at 5:00am (thresher shark); at 9:00am; at 11:00am; at 1:00pm and the night dive at 5:00pm. In addition to these, full days are usually organized to the Gato island, Calanggaman island or “mix”: Dona Marlin wreck/Gato island, Kimud shoal (hammerhead sharks)/ Monad shoal (thresher sharks).

Here it’s possible to dive all the year round: from December to February the water temperature, at the surface, ranges from 27 to 32 degrees Celsius, while the air temperature ranges from 24 to 30; the rest of the year the temperature ranges from 27 to 33 degrees, with peaks in the warmer months between May and November.

The thresher sharks are here all year round, while the hammerhead sharks and the manta rays are seasonal (more frequent from March to November).

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