In 2003 we came on holiday to Malapascua and it was a love at first sight. After a few days spent on the island our aim to come back here was the only reason to stand our terrific Western working rhythms, the different tensions accumulated that did not allow us to enjoy the little free time and and the freezing cold wet winter in our Italian town Bologna.

Then finally the big jump: “Let’s give up everything, change life!”.

Thus began the adventure of the “Tepanee Beach Resort”, the story of dreams of a lifetime, of an immense love for the sea and for a nation in which we have traveled for years knowing extraordinary people. Their great simplicity and the radiant smile that they always have on their face made us feel at home immediately and, since then, at any moment.

Andrea and Silvia


Malapascua is not the perfect island: it’s not the postcard atoll where doesn’t exist the human work or where it was screened from sight; where the tourists can live the tropical dream without becoming aware that, to be so beautiful and perfect, this must be a plastic island, where usually the habits of local people are hidden or modified to avoid troubles to whom needs to believe the existence of this perfection, after dropping the stress of his daily nature.

I try to pass between the plants of our small hill with “bolo” (machete), thinking about what could arise from all this.

Andrea, March 2007

No, Malapascua is a true island, where the relationship between who decide to spend here his holidays, or to have a stop over, and the people that was born and live here is an integral part of the stay: the villages welcome tourists with the smiles of many children, between flowers that adorn the houses, but also with the smell of dried fish, the noises until late night of the popular fiestas, the night song of the too many roosters that are kept for fights.
Many people arrive in Malapascua attracted by the fantastic scuba dives that allow to meet thresher sharks and manta rays in the “Monad” sanctuary or Mandarin fishery at lighthouse site at sunset and so on; some tourists want only to relax on the white beaches, someone, on the other hand, fall in love with this place and decide to spend here the most remaining part of his life.


December 8, 2008:
today finally opens Tepanee Beach Resort, a great emotion!

A mixed feeling between the enthusiasm of the challenge of having wanted to build the resort with local materials, such as bamboo, stone and kogon roofs, the fine type of straw obtained from the Imperata cylindrica plant, and the fear of having seen us right, in interpreting the wishes of tourists who usually visit this land.

The Resort is still small: at the moment we have built the first 6 double cottages and a small villa of two storeys with 4 triple rooms with independent entrance, all overlooking the ocean.

It’s been five years now and Tepanee Beach Resort has become a wonderful reality, so many things have changed since March 2007.

Today we are bigger and more beautiful!

After the acquisition of the resort next to ours and the renovation of the previously built rooms, we have built other accommodations, a small beach bar and a nice restaurant on the hill in front of the entrance; finally they are about to finish the work for the new reception which will allow us to improve the reception of guests.

Despite our success, our enthusiasm has not diminished so we decided to continue to invest in ecology: Malapascua has grown in a frenetic way and we believe it is important to safeguard our small portion of paradise. We will be the first on the island to install a desalination system and to collect rainwater for laundry and gardening; energy saving bulbs have been almost entirely replaced by LED and soon the electric water heaters will be replaced by a centralised solar panel system. Black waters are already being treated using special bacteria placed inside the septic tanks.

It is our resolute intention to use from now on only renewable and sustainable resources for energy production.
At this point it is our duty to thank all the members of our staff for having grown up and having learned together with us and also all the customers who have entrusted us with the responsibility of their holidays decreeing our unexpected success.


Last November 8, 2013 Malapascua was hit by typhoon Yolanda / Hayan, the most powerful ever recorded: the island has had many problems, but fortunately no casualties and no injuries. The damages has been repaired, the forest is returning to what it was before, thresher sharks are many. Our projects, temporarily interrupted by the passage of the typhoon, were finally completed: Tepanee is always more beautiful!


For over a year now we have two desalination plants in operation: fresh water at will, anytime, without impacting on the natural resources of the island. We are about to finish the construction of the small gym, the new spa and hot tub 8 seats. The next step will be the installation of solar panels for the production of hot water and the obtaining of the eco-lodges certification.


The installation of solar panels is completed. Now we are starting to dedicate ourselves 100% to the eco-lodge transformation. We are also studying a new project that should facilitate the re-growth of the coral reef in the waters overlooking our private beach.


Due to the pandemic, we are obliged to temporary close Tepanee. But we are still taking care of everything, waiting for the world to reopen together with us.


We are open and the thrilling news is that we have black tip sharks just few meters out of Tepanee’s beach! Maybe you have seen our videos and pictures in Facebook and Instagram.

This is so exciting for us, because we are protecting the area since few years and now corals are regrowing fast and there are a lot of fishes!
The sharks can be seen from the balcony of our Deluxe cottages!

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