To avoid disappointments, please note:

  • only Tepanee’s guests are allowed to enter Tepanee
  • silence time is strictly from 11:00 pm. to 8:00 am
  • inside Tepanee’s premises and areas is strictly forbidden to cook and to light fires
  • always lock the door and hand the key in the reception when you exit the resort
  • refrain to unlock the key holder and separate the Electricity Activator from the door key: for an open/broke key holder you will be fined
  • the people of Malapascua are very kind and friendly. They have costumes and traditions that can be different from ours. To show proper respect for them, please don’t go around the villages just wearing only a bathing suit: please wear at least shorts and a T-shirt. Furthermore, topless bathing and nudism are forbidden even on beaches, even though no one is likely to complain to you
  • please, don’t buy SHELLS and CORALS from the children: it’s not allowed to export them from Philippines and you may have problems at the custom’s controls. More, the children selling shell and corals are not going anymore to school, because their families send them to sell instead of to school: the teachers ask us to advise you about this sad matter
  • only one child up to one year old is sleeping free of charge in the room with the parents if sharing the same bed. Children older than one year old will be considered and charged as extra person, if fitting the capacity of the room. In cases where the guests did not declare the correct total number of persons (children and adults), the resort will charge additional costs on Extra Person(s) Rate. To be settled directly at the resort at the check-in: the guests refusing to pay the correct charges will not be checked-in.

Damages and penalties

Tepanee guests losing/destroying room properties will be charged with the following amounts:

  • aircon on in the room with no people inside: PHP 1,000 each time
  • aircon remote control: PHP 10,000
  • ashtray: PHP 200
  • curtains big: PHP 1,000 each
  • curtains small: PHP 500 each
  • door key: PHP 500 (if lacking both electricity activator and door key: PHP 1,000)
  • electrical activator: PHP 500 (if lacking both electrical activator and door key: PHP 1,000)
  • glasses or cups: PHP 200 each
  • hair drier: PHP 500
  • kettle: PHP 500
  • pillow big: PHP 3000 each
  • pillow small: PHP 500 each
  • room book: PHP 500.
  • towels (beach/bath): PHP 500 each
  • umbrella: PHP 500
  • window big or glass door: PHP 10,000
  • window small: PHP 3,000.

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  • Malapascua, Logon, Daanbantayan, 6013 Cebu, Philippines
  • +63 9661422354 or +63 9610908675 (also Imo, WhatsApp, Viber)
  • info@tepanee.com
  • tepanee@tepanee.com


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