Chiringuito beach bar

Chiringuito beach bar

At Chiringuitoour small beach bar & restaurant strategically located in our private beach facing the sunset, we propose: breakfast and lunch, snacks and drinks, real Italian coffee, natural fruit juices and cocktails, fish catch of the day, pasta and vegetarian dishes, all in a heavenly context.

The yoghurt is homemade, all the juices, shakes and smoothies are freshly prepared on order.

The “piadina” are mixed according to an old recipe from Emilia-Romagna; the croissants are sourced from a famous belgian baker while the bread is homemade and cooked in our wood oven.

The coffee is imported from Italy, directly from the manufacturer and strictly vacuum packed to maintain the freshness and aroma essential for our sought-after espressos, cappuccinos and coffee-based cocktails.

We have combined our experiences to offer the best ingredients, healthier and tastier recipes in a pleasant environment.

Come and enjoy!

The Chiringuito beach bar & restaurant is open daily from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

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