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(video: courtesy of Barbora Jirsova & David Preusler) Malapascua is the beautiful small island of the Philippines hosting Tepanee: an intimate and friendly resort that will give you an unforgettable holiday. Tepanee stands on a small hill that rises up from Logon beach and our territory goes down to our own private sandy beach, an area […]




Malapascua does not have any bank, ATMs, official exchange bureaus nor post offices. Therefore it’s not possible to get hold of cash and the nearest bank is in Bogo, a town that is about one hour by bus from Maya pier (that is about half an hour by boat from Malapascua). We recommend that you […]


Malapascua is within the area of ocean with the highest concentration of biodiversity in the world. Snorkelers and skin divers (freedivers) may find interesting ideas in the bay in front of our small private beach. About 550 meters away is the rock Dakit Dakit, one of the favorites for the sighting of barracudas, tropical fishes of […]

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Malapascua is not the perfect island: it’s not the atoll you can find on a postcard, where doesn’t exist the human work or where it was screened from sight; where you can live your “tropical dream” without becoming aware that, to be so beautiful and perfect, this must be a plastic island, where usually the habits of […]